Advanced Machine Learning


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F4 Advanced Machine Learning
Product information "Advanced Machine Learning"

In this module you will learn selected and advanced machine learning methods and problems, such as:

  • Probabilistic graphical models (modeling and inference)
  • Structured (sequential) problems
  • Selected topics according to the current state of research, such as Gaussian Processes, Reinforcement Learning and Mixture Models

is restricted access: Yes
Requirements - university entrance qualification: Not required
Requirements - one year of work experience: Not required
Requirements Language: None
Requirements Expertise: None
Other requirements

  • Participation in the modules "DS-F1 Mathematik & Statistik" as well as "DS-F2 Grundlagen des maschinellen Lernens" or proof of corresponding knowledge
  • Mastery of a programming language (e.g. Python)

Topic: IT & Digitalisation
Format of course: Blended Learning
Level: Master
Course language: English
Study programme: Data Science
Number of credit points / ECTS: 5
Workload Contact time (in hours): 30
Workload self-study time (in hours): 95
Examination: inter-course examination (Module exam)
Exam format: Term paper
Further exam format: No further Exam

  • Acquire specialized knowledge in the field of machine learning
  • Acquire the ability to independently design machine learning algorithms for a given task
  • Implement learning algorithms and evaluate their results

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