Human Rights Institutions, Mechanisms and Transitional Justice


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F4.1 Human Rights Institutions and Mechanisms
F4.2 Human Rights Reporting and Monitoring
Product information "Human Rights Institutions, Mechanisms and Transitional Justice"

In this module, you will gain an overview of international, regional, national and local human rights review and monitoring mechanisms that allow them to call for, demand and, if necessary, to sue for international human rights standards.

is restricted access: Yes
Requirements - university entrance qualification: Not required
Requirements - one year of work experience: Not required
Requirements Language: English: TOEFL Internet (92 points); IELTS (Acad. Level 6.5 points); CAE/CPE (Level C1, Grade B); TOEIC (720 points listening/reading, 310 points speaking/writing); if necessary, individual examination.
Requirements Expertise: None
Topic: Law, Politics & Governance
Format of course: Blended Learning
Level: Master
Course language: English
Study programme: Governance & Human Rights
Number of credit points / ECTS: 10
Workload Contact time (in hours): 70
Workload self-study time (in hours): 180
Examination: inter-course examination (Module exam)
Exam format: Assignment
Further exam format: Presentation
  • You will gain a working knowledge of the major international human rights institutions and mechanisms, including their historical and political background and context, as well as the human rights mainstreaming agenda in development.
  • You will be able to apply these approaches to specific cases in your research and to take a theoretically and empirically informed position in current debates on international human rights regimes and practices (transfer of knowledge).

  • You will gain knowledge about concepts, principles and methodologies of human rights monitoring and reporting.
  • You will develop an understanding of the practical work of selected (non-judicial) international, regional and national human rights monitoring and reporting mechanisms and organisations.
  • You will have increased capacity to critically reflect on the value of and strategies related to human rights monitoring, reporting and advocacy.

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