Competition Economics


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F4 Competition Economics
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Product information "Competition Economics "

  • Supply, demand, competitive markets, monopoly and mergers.
  • Monopolies, oligopolies, cartels and other kind of market power
  • International trade: Patterns and reasons
  • Ricardian Model of trade
  • Market power, margers
  • Monopolistic competition, Betrand price competition

is restricted access: Yes
Requirements - university entrance qualification: Required
Requirements - one year of work experience: Not required
Requirements Language: English: TOEFL Internet (92 points); IELTS (Acad. Level 6.5 points); CAE/CPE (Level C1, Grade B); TOEIC (720 points listening/reading, 310 points speaking/writing); if necessary, individual examination.
Requirements Expertise: None
Other requirements


Topic: Business Administration & Economics, Law
Format of course: Online
Level: Master
Course language: English
Study programme: Competition & Regulation
Number of credit points / ECTS: 5
Workload Contact time (in hours): 5
Workload self-study time (in hours): 120
Examination: In-class examination
Exam format: Written exam
Further exam format: No further Exam

You will acquire substantive knowledge about:

  • how competitive and monopoly markets work - mainly by using simple graphical explanations;
  • why people engage in international trade and what the patterns are
  • how companies behave as oligopolists, monopolists or when being a dominant firm.
  • the fundamental models of international trade
  • how Bertrand and monopolistic competition work