Concepts of Sustainable Chemistry


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F1 Concepts of Sustainable Chemistry
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This module introduces the interdisciplinary concept of sustainable chemistry and a holistic perspective of chemistry along the life cycle of chemical products. The concept of Sustainable Chemistry and its comparison to Green Chemistry are presented, and the general approach of recognizing and anticipating downstream consequences of chemical operations at the source and considering various strategies for possible solutions. Many topics touched on in this module will be followed up in more depth in subsequent modules of the programme. 

is restricted access: Yes
Requirements - university entrance qualification: Not required
Requirements - one year of work experience: Required
Requirements Language: English: TOEFL Internet (92 points); IELTS (Acad. Level 6.5 points); CAE/CPE (Level C1, Grade B); TOEIC (720 points listening/reading, 310 points speaking/writing); if necessary, individual examination.
Requirements Expertise: Knowledge of chemistry, biology & environment
Other requirements

1) Training as a chemical-technical assistant or pharmaceutical-technical assistant


2) B.Sc. in Chemistry, Pharmacy or similar

Topic: Engineering & Natural Sciences, Sustainability, Energy & Environment
Format of course: Online
Level: Master
Course language: English
Study programme: Sustainable Chemistry
Number of credit points / ECTS: 5
Workload Contact time (in hours): 40
Workload self-study time (in hours): 85
Examination: In-class examination
Exam format: Portfolio
Further exam format: No further Exam

  • The significance of chemistry (science and industry) for Sustainable Development and the Agenda 2030
  • The relationship between green and sustainable chemistry
  • The importance of considering the complete life cycle of chemical products and anticipating problems at the source
  • The opportunities and limitations of chemistry (science and industry) within a circular economy
  • The concept of service and function of chemical products

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